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70-761 Exam Ref. Book Review



Title: Querying data with Transact-SQL Exam Ref 70-761

Author:  Itzik Ben-Gan

Publication Date: April 2017

Publication House: Published with the authorization of Microsoft Corporation by: Pearson Education, Inc.

About Author: Itzik Ben-Gan is a T-sql instructor and co-founder of solidQ. Itzik has given many events focusing on T-SQL query, query tuning and programming. Itzik written many T-SQL books as well as monthly column for SQL server pro.

The Book format:

  • Table of content
  • Chapters
  • Index

Chapters of book:

  1. Manage data with Transact-SQL:This chapter focus on foundation of T-SQL , logical query processing phases, filtering data using where, top, offset-fetch, filtering data and time, sorting data, set operators, Querying multiple tables using joins, implementing functions and aggregate data, output option, alter commands etc.
  2. Query data with advanced Transact-SQL component: This chapter focus on subqueries and apply operators, Table expressions, Temporary tables, Derived tables, common table expressions(CTE), views and table-valued functions, grouping of data, pivoting and unpivoting data, window functions, temporal data, non-relational data like JSON and XML etc.
  3. Program databases by using Transact-SQL: This chapter focus on views, indexed views, stored procedures, using cursors, error handling with TRY-CATCH, Transactions, Implementation of data types, Handling of NULL’s in query, Data type conversions.

This book is prepared for Microsoft Exam 70-761 of SQL server 2016 Transact-SQL. This book covers query constructs like filtering, grouping and sorting data, managing non-relational data like JSON(Java-script object notation), XML(Extensible Markup language).

In this book, all the topics are described at the best level of knowledge by author. All the topics contains a simple example so it is easy for any person to easily understand it and at the end of topic exam tips are also given so it is important for the exam.

JSON is the new topic in SQL server-2016 and in this book, it is explain very briefly with example.I have only one issue with this book is that it not contains previous exam questions and papers.

Overall this book is very nice because it contains all the topics that is required to pass this exam.


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