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Kotlin: Introduction

Introduction to Kotlin In this post we discuss about new programming language kotlin. In 2011 JetBrains release the kotlin as a new programming language for JVM. Kotlin is more suitable for android applications. You have to use IntelliIDEA software for programming. You can download it from JetBrains. After downloading you have


SET OPERATORS In this post we discuss about set operators with example for better understanding. In SQL there three set operators union, intersect, except. Before discussing about set operators we have to know some rules for set operators: Column alias must be expression in the first query. Each select statement must


MERGE STATEMENT In this, post we will discuss about merge statement in SQL server 2016. It is used in many real time applications. Using MERGE statement, we can merge data from a source table into a target table. The practical use of merge statement in OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) and in

Like Operator in SQL

Like Operator in SQL In this post we will discuss Like Operator in SQL with example and it's used in Query. The LIKE allows comparison of one string value with another string value. This is achieved by using wildcard character. Using LIKE operator we can filter character string data based on


SELF JOIN Self joins are used to compare values in a column with other values in the same column in the same table. In some situations, it is necessary to join a table to itself, as through joining two separate tables. This is referred to self join. There is no