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Kotlin Loops

Kotlin Loops In this post, we will discuss loops in kotlin with example. Same as all other languages kotlin also support three loops while, for, do-while. Loops Same as all other languages kotlin also has three types of loops: for, while, do-while. Loops are used to execute some code many number of

Handling NULL values in SQL

Handling NULL values in SQL In this post we learn how to handle NULLs in SQL server. for handling NULLs in SQL server we use ISNULL(), NULLIF(), COALESCE() functions with example. ISNULL(): The ISNULL() function is commonly used function that return first value that is not null among their input. Syntax: ISNULL(col_name, replacement_value) The

BETWEEN Operator in SQL

BETWEEN In this post we will discuss BETWEEN operator in SQL server. it is used for pattern searching. To select data that is within a range of values, the BETWEEN operator is used. The BETWEEN operator allows the selection of rows that contain values within a specified lower and upper limit.