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SQL: Case Expression

CASE EXPRESSION In this post we will discuss CASE statement. This statement performs some kind of an action or controls the flow of the code. The CASE expression has two forms- the simple form and the searched form. CASE returns a value, and hence is an expression. Simple CASE The simple form

Referential equality and Structural equality

Referential equality and Structural equality In this post of kotlin we will discuss Referential equality and Structural equality, packages, imports, kotlin is operator. Referential equality and Structural equality When we work will object-oriented programming, there are two types of quality comes one is referential equality and structural equality. Referential equality comes when two


Kotlin Operators In this post we will discuss about kotlin operators in details with some examples. Kotlin support arithmetic, assignment, comparison, increment and decrement operators. Arithmetic operators Kotlin also support all arithmetic operators that other languages support. Operator Meaning + Add numbers(also used for concatenation) - Subtract number * Multiply number / Divide number % Return Remainder Example: fun main(args:Array<String>) { print("enter n1:"); var n1:Float= readLine()!!.toFloat(); print("enter n2:"); var n2:Float= readLine()!!.toFloat(); var

SQL: Logical Query Processing Phases

Logical Query Processing Phases In this post we will discuss logical query processing phases in SQL server. Logical query processing means in which order the sql query clause is evaluated. The below table represent the order of clause evaluation in SQL: Evaluation No SQL clause 1 From (join, pivot, unpivot, apply) 2 Where (predicate) 3 Group by (grouping sets,

Kotlin: Control structure

Control structure Same as all other languages kotlin also has control structure like when expression it is same as switch-case, if-else, if-if-else-if. When Expression The switch statement is supported by all other languages like c, java but kotlin not support switch statement. Kotlin use powerful form of the switch statement, When expression


ALTER COMMAND In this post we will discuss about ALTER command it is useful when we have created a table and after we have to add or delete something from the table structure. ALTER command is used to modify the structure of the exiting table. Using ALTER command, it is possible