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Kotlin:Data Class

Data Class In this post we will discuss Data classes with example. We frequently create a class to do nothing but hold data. Kotlin provides similar concept, called data class and marked as data. When we use data class the primary constructor only accepts property variables such as val or var

SQL: Aggregate Functions

SQL: Aggregate Functions In this post we will discuss aggregate functions. T-SQL support SUM, MIN, MAX, AVG, COUNT, SQRT, POWER and other aggregate functions. It ignores NULL inputs when applied to an expression. Use DISTINCT clause to remove duplicate values. In the group query the aggregate functions is applied per group,

SQL:Logical Functions

Logical Functions In this post we will discuss logical functions like IIF, CHOOSE, ISNUMERIC. The output of these functions are determine by comparative logic. These functions simplify migrations from Microsoft access platforms and it is nonstandard T-SQL functions. IIF() IIF() returns one of two values, depending on whether the boolean expression evaluates