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Kotlin: Enum Class

Kotlin: Enum Class In this post we will discuss Enum Class in kotlin. Enumeration is a special type of class, if class is enum type then it is limited to a set of predefined constants. To declare a class as enum use enum keyword before the class Example: enum class Direction { North,South,West,East } fun main(args:Array<String>) { var

SQL: System functions

System functions In this post we will discuss System functions, it returns information about various system parameters. @@ROWCOUNT @@ROWCOUNT function returns number of rows affected by the last executed statement. It is used to check if the previous statement affects any rows by checking the function’s result is zero or greater than


OUTPUT OPTION In this post we will discuss about OUTPUT option. T-SQL supports an OUTPUT clause for modification statements, which we can use to return information from modified rows. We can use output option for purposes like auditing, archiving and others. We can use OUTPUT clause with insert, update, delete statements.