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SQL :String Functions

String Functions In this post we will discuss String functions in SQL. SQL support many functions for String manipulations like CONCATE(), LEFT(), RIGHT() etc. In this entire post for examples we use below table. Table: persons p_id firstname lastname city 1 Amisha Patel Anand 2 Bina Patel Baroda 3 Tina Doyle v.v.nagar 4 Riya Patel Anand 5 Nikunj Patel NULL Concatenation: T-SQL support two ways for string concatenation. Concatenation using ‘+’ operator: For concatenation of string we use +

Kotlin: Companion Object

Companion Object In this post we will discuss companion object in kotlin. Kotlin not support static methods and variable so we use companion object to make variable and methods static. The companion objects are declared inside a class using companion The function declared inside a companion object are called using