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Kotlin: Companion Object

companion object

Companion Object

In this post we will discuss companion object in kotlin.

  • Kotlin not support static methods and variable so we use companion object to make variable and methods static.
  • The companion objects are declared inside a class using companion
  • The function declared inside a companion object are called using class name and function name.
  • Function and variable declare inside companion objects behave like a static variable and method.
  • When companion object is compile it is converted into statics.
  • It is not necessary to provide a name to companion object.
  • Example:

class Person {
// name of the companion object is omitted
companion object {
var id:Int=21;           //behave like static variable
fun callMe():Unit        //behave like a static method
println(“My Name is Riya”)

fun main(args: Array<String>) {



In above example, we create a Person class and inside class create a companion object. It has id variable and function callMe(), when companion object is compile its variables and functions converted in to static. We call the static function using class name.

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