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Honor 7x

Honor 7X Today we will discuss about honor 7x review. 15.06 centimeters (5.93-inch) capacitive touchscreen, FHD+ 18:9 display with 1080 x 2160 pixels resolution and 407 ppi pixel density 16MP + 2MP dual primary camera and 8MP front facing camera Android v7.0 Nougat EMUI 5.1 operating system with 2.36GHz Kirin 659

Kotlin: Inheritance

Inheritance In this post we will discuss Inheritance in kotlin with example. Inheritance provides the reusability of the previously defined functions. The previously defined class is called super(base, parent) class and the class that inherits the super class called the sub(derived, child) class. A derived class implicitly get all the parent

SQL: String Functions

String Functions In last post we discuss about CONCATE(), LEFT(), RIGHT() string functions. And today we discuss remaining string functions. In this entire post for examples we use below table. Table: persons p_id firstname lastname city 1 Amisha Patel Anand 2 Bina Patel Baroda 3 Tina Doyle v.v.nagar 4 Riya Patel Anand 5 Nikunj Patel NULL UPPER(): The UPPER() string function returns an expression, with all letters in uppercase. Syntax: UPPER(expression) Example: select UPPER(firstname)as uppercase_name from persons; output: uppercase_name AMISHA BINA TINA RIYA NIKUNJ LOWER(): The LOWER() string function returns an

Kotlin: Interfaces

Interfaces In this post we will discuss Interfaces in kotlin, use of it, and how to declare interface in kotlin. Interface only have function declaration it not contains its implementation. In kotlin interface is by default open. You have to use override keyword in class to implement its function. If you