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SQL: Case Expression

CASE EXPRESSION In this post we will discuss CASE statement. This statement performs some kind of an action or controls the flow of the code. The CASE expression has two forms- the simple form and the searched form. CASE returns a value, and hence is an expression. Simple CASE The simple form

SQL: Logical Query Processing Phases

Logical Query Processing Phases In this post we will discuss logical query processing phases in SQL server. Logical query processing means in which order the sql query clause is evaluated. The below table represent the order of clause evaluation in SQL: Evaluation No SQL clause 1 From (join, pivot, unpivot, apply) 2 Where (predicate) 3 Group by (grouping sets,


ALTER COMMAND In this post we will discuss about ALTER command it is useful when we have created a table and after we have to add or delete something from the table structure. ALTER command is used to modify the structure of the exiting table. Using ALTER command, it is possible

Handling NULL values in SQL

Handling NULL values in SQL In this post we learn how to handle NULLs in SQL server. for handling NULLs in SQL server we use ISNULL(), NULLIF(), COALESCE() functions with example. ISNULL(): The ISNULL() function is commonly used function that return first value that is not null among their input. Syntax: ISNULL(col_name, replacement_value) The

BETWEEN Operator in SQL

BETWEEN In this post we will discuss BETWEEN operator in SQL server. it is used for pattern searching. To select data that is within a range of values, the BETWEEN operator is used. The BETWEEN operator allows the selection of rows that contain values within a specified lower and upper limit.


SET OPERATORS In this post we discuss about set operators with example for better understanding. In SQL there three set operators union, intersect, except. Before discussing about set operators we have to know some rules for set operators: Column alias must be expression in the first query. Each select statement must