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SELF JOIN Self joins are used to compare values in a column with other values in the same column in the same table. In some situations, it is necessary to join a table to itself, as through joining two separate tables. This is referred to self join. There is no


CROSS JOIN Cross join combine every row from the left table with every row in the right table. This type of join is also called cartesian join. It produce result set which is the number of rows in the first table multiplied by the number of rows in the second


INNER JOIN Inner join is same as join, so we can use either inner join or join keyword. Using this join we can joins two or more tables and we can also specify more then one predicate in the ON clause. This type of join can be used in situations

SQL :Join

SQL JOIN Sometimes it is necessary to work with multiple tables using single query. Joins are used to achieve this. Tables are joined on columns that have the same data type and length in the tables. Tables in a database can be related based on primary and foreign keys. A primary